Leading the Edge Computing Revolution

Caligoo delivers a revolutionary Edge Computing platform for access networks perfectly adaptable to all mobile and cloud technologies

Mobile is the New Front Door

Caligoo is the first mobile-centric platform to deliver enhanced services to the users. It provides seamless integration with existing access network to deploy augmented services. Caligoo is the perfect tool to face the challenges of retailers, hospitality, industries and smart cities, providing a secure and efficient interconnection of people and things.


Embracing the Innovative Edge Computing Paradigm

Caligoo embraces the new paradigm of Edge Computing: resources are physically closer to the user in order to deliver contents quickly and effectively. Thanks to it, Caligoo offers innovative services such as local data repository. It is also IoT-ready network and service provider, able to deliver a unified infrastructure that allows people and things to connect seamlessly and instantly.


The Big Deal with Big Data

With full respect of user’s Privacy and Security, Caligoo enables the business owner to collect valuable data directly at no additional cost, representing an excellent tool for Business Intelligence and Data Analytics activities. Caligoo introduces an innovative custom engagement system, designed to engage, in a non-invasive way, selected customers whenever required.