How to manage relations between medical staff and electro-medical apparatuses.

The interconnection of electro-medical apparatuses with doctors and patients is a complex topic that requires absolute reliability. However, this cannot be entirely guaranteed by traditional networks. Moreover, the lack of communication standards by manufacturers makes it hard to let networked equipment by different vendors interoperate. For this reason, Caligoo has developed a platform specifically dedicated to the healthcare industry. Thanks to our platform, the interconnection of people and objects occurs effectively, and it guarantees the best performance by minimizing latency and managing the heterogeneity inside the hospital facilities. The platform also manages access, flows, and interactions inside hospital areas intelligently. Patients can be guided to a specific destination or be alerted when entering any restricted-access areas. Additionally the platform can be used to provide patients with entertainment content with dedicated network broadband.


The system allows smart management of the hospital facilities and the interactions of the people inside the hospital, thus making the interconnection of electro-medical apparatuses more reliable and efficient. The system also allows to cut costs related to identification and access management activities. It also improves the experience of patients during their stay by providing a broader entertainment platform if desired.


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