Food & Beverage

How to create new business opportunities through the offer of new mobile services.

In the Food&Beverage industry, the customer experience has remained relatively unchanged over the decades, focused on booking, ordering, and paying. In order to take advantage of new business opportunities, it is of the utmost importance to develop new mobile services that can really improve the in-store customer experience. Caligoo has developed a new platform that connects the customer to the restaurant’s digital assets and thus manages the online customer experience in a smart and dynamic way, providing personalized services/needs. The system collects significant amounts of data systematically, thereby providing detailed customer insights, such as behaviors/preferences, which are key to improving the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and loyalty programs.


Increase in sales related to improved quality of restaurant services and better ability in engaging customers. The Caligoo system reports improved loyalty and a 70% increase in the use of the brand’s digital assets. It also globally improves the digital experience of customers by offering a dynamic environment depending on real time customer needs.

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