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Caligoo’s platform creates a virtual environment in the hotel room which allows the guest to interact seamlessly and securely with all objects in the room. Each device – such as the TV, HVAC, and lighting systems, can be controlled directly from the guest’s smartphone with no need for any specific configuration or using multiple apps. When the guest arrives, Caligoo’s system sets up a dedicated virtual environment which is automatically deleted when the same guest leaves. If the guest takes part in an event or conference, the system is capable to identify each member and guide him or her to the correct location, share the event program, and any specific audio and video content. The platform records and processes the guest physical and online behaviors in real time, and thus builds a more detailed guest profile that can lead to an immediate action.


The system improves the guest experience by fully satisfying his/her digital experience and usage of hotel’s digital assets. The system can also improve the overall administrative effectiveness thanks to a smarter real time management of the guest, which leads to a saving in online brokers commissions. Real time communications occur between the hotel and the guest and promotion of all hotel services, such as restaurant, spa, gym, and so on.

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