Smart Buildings

How to transform an environment into an intelligent environment.

Caligoo has developed a platform dedicated to the management of access, flows and interactions towards and inside a building. The platform allows users to avoid time-consuming identification procedures, notify their presence, guide a visitor to the desired location, and alert them to any limited-access areas, by classifying each user as either a visitor or a permanent worker. This also allows the collection and management of a significant data amount on the customers online behaviors and preferences, in full compliance with the user’s privacy. Caligoo recognizes each user’s needs in real time and thus provides access to customized virtual environments with related services, both in terms of Internet and Smart Objects connections.


The system manages in a smart way the spaces and people interacting inside it, which results in the optimization of the location’s physical environments and energy consumption. The system also allows cost savings related to all identification and access management activities as well as easily integrates with the major access management and scheduling systems.


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