About Us

Our mission is to allow humans and things to connect and interact securely, as part of a unique and integrated digital world.

Our Team

Giovanni Guerri
Giovanni GuerriCo-Founder, Chief Executive Officer
M.Sc. in Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Bologna, Italy. In 2004 he is founding member and CEO of Guglielmo Ltd., one of the most important WISP in Europe. Forever faithful to his personal vision of WiFi technology, as a complementary tool for the complex management of mobile connectivity, he led the company towards constant development through a sophisticated business model that succeeded in successfully combining budgetary concerns with important research and development activities.
Nicola Iotti, Ph.D
Nicola Iotti, Ph.DCo-Founder, Chief Technical Officer
M.Sc. in Electronic Engineering, specialized in networking from the University of Parma, Italy. He is founding member and CTO of Guglielmo Ltd., working on one of the most flexible and technically advanced platform for public Internet access networks. Author of several international publications, he is also CCNP, CCAI-CCNA, Cisco Certified Instructor Trainer, Editorial Board member of IJEIC. He is author of two Patents filed in USA related to innovative infrastructure for wireless access networks, and other patents related to offload and handover mechanisms filed in Italy.
Lorenzo Melegari
Lorenzo MelegariVP of Engineering
M. Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Parma (Italy). Lorenzo has worked with distributed systems since his graduation in 2009. Focusing initially on distributed and federated search systems he has become responsible of an entire real-time distributed social media monitoring system using several different analysis paradigms, from a traditional big data approach to stream analytics. A great proponent of microservices and lambda architecture since its formalisation, he has been working on reactive patterns and streaming architectures as the way forward to resilience. Prior to joining Caligoo, he served as principal consultant for Intext (Parma) and as innovation manager for Roialty (Milan).
Simone Cirani, Ph.D.
Simone Cirani, Ph.D.Co-Founder, Director of Engineering
Ph.D. and M.Sc. (cum Laude) from the University of Parma, Italy. He has served Adjunct Professor of “Mobile Application Development” and “Internet of Things” at the same University. His research interests are Internet of Things, Pervasive and Mobile Computing, Peer-to-Peer networks, and Network Security. He has published several papers in leading international journals and conferences. He has been organizer and speaker at the “Internet of Things and Smart Cities Ph.D. School” 2013 and 2014, and organizer and chair of the IoT-Sys 2015 workshop in conjunction with MobiSys 2015.
Gian Mauro Bilotta
Gian Mauro BilottaData Protection Officer
Master’s degree in Law at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy. License for the registration as Qualified Lawyer at the Albo degli Avvocati obtained at the Appeals Court of Bologna, Italy. He is Business Legal Consultant, registered a the UGI – Unione Giuristi per l’impresa, Privacy Consultant and Data Protection Officer. He is co-founder and President of Loop srl, Reggio Emilia, Italy, specialized in business legal consulting, privacy consulting (GDPR 679/2016), and technical secretariat. He is Business Legal Consultant and Privacy Consultant at Caligoo srl since 2016.
He is Data Protection Officer at Caligoo since 2020.
Stefano Busanelli, Ph.D.
Stefano Busanelli, Ph.D.Co-Founder, Head of Networking
Ph.D. and M.Sc. (cum Laude) from the University of Parma, Italy. From June 2008 to October 2008, he was an intern at Thales Communications. Since March 2012 he leads the R&D department of Guglielmo Ltd. developing product and services based on the network devices. He participated in several research projects funded by public and private bodies. He is a co-recipient of an award for the outstanding technical contributions at ITST-2011. He is author of two patents related to offload and handover mechanisms filed in Italy and has published more than 30 papers in leading international journals and conferences.
Marco Picone, Ph.D.
Marco Picone, Ph.D.Co-Founder
Ph.D. and M.Sc. (cum Laude) from the University of Parma, Italy. He has been Postdoctoral Research Associate and Adjunct Professor of “Mobile Application Development” and “Internet of Things” at the same University. Research visitor in the NetOS group at the Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge. His research interests include Distributed Systems, Internet of Things, Vehicular Networks, Pervasive and Mobile Computing. He has published several research papers in international journals/conferences and participated in many TPCs of international events. He has been organizer and speaker at the “Internet of Things and Smart Cities Ph.D. School” 2013/14 and organizer/chair of the IoT-Sys 2015 workshop (conjunction with MobiSys).
Marcello Riccò
Marcello RiccòCo-Founder
M.Sc. in Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Bologna, Italy. He is founding member of Guglielmo Ltd. and the creator of the LUMEN platform. He is a skilled front-end and back-end engineer with more than ten years of experience in building the software that empowers the evolving core platform.

Advisors and consultants

Christopher Edmonds
Christopher EdmondsStrategic Sales Advisor
Christopher “CJ” Edmonds is an accomplished, client-driven executive with over 21 years of management experience primarily in the Internet and wireless industries. CJ is a dynamic leader with unmatched ability to build team cohesion and inspire individuals to strive toward higher levels of achievement and personal development. He sets aggressive goals, delivers creative solutions, and superior results.
Silvano Gai
Silvano GaiEngineering
Silvano Gai has more than 27 years of experience in computer engineering and computer networks. He is the author of several books and technical publications on computer networking as well as multiple Internet Drafts and RFCs. He is responsible for 30 issued patents and 50 patent applications. His background includes seven years as a full professor of Computer Engineering, tenure track, at Politecnico di Torino, Italy and seven years as a research.
David Giersdorf
David GiersdorfIndustry SME
Innovative executive and entrepreneur with knack for articulating a vision, predicting the market, and executing change. Extensive C-Suite experience in the cruise, travel and tourism industry, creating and delivering world-class customer experiences, journeys and engagement. “I greatly enjoy helping companies and their management teams envision the opportunities and challenges of the near and further future, innovate continuously and create sustainable value for all stakeholders.”
Carlo Alberto Del Mastro
Carlo Alberto Del MastroBusiness Developer
Carlo graduated from the University of Bocconi in Economics. Prior to joining Caligoo he worked for some of the world’s most memorable and global brands such as Kellogg’s, McDonalds and Shell, where he covered a range of roles in marketing, sales and strategy, at both a local and global level.
Sergio Zanchetta
Sergio ZanchettaBusiness Developer
Sergio has been working for more than 20 years in graphic design and communication for some of the most important Italian and international Automotive companies, in particularly on the motorbikes and motorsport sectors. Sergio joined Caligoo at the beginning of 2018 to drive the company marketing and communication strategy.
Federico Prodi
Federico ProdiBusiness Developer
Engineer and entrepreneur, working for 30 years in the Telecommunication field in Italy where he has built solid business relationships with the major carriers and vendors through the design and implementation of the main national telecommunication infrastructure. Together with Giovanni, Nicola and Marcello worked for several national projects related to cellular networks and Radio/TV broadcasting and participated in the foundation of Guglielmo S.r.l. Since the early stage, joined Caligoo to support the team as business developer and for the commercial development of the company.