Create and manage personalized digital passes with Caligoo.
Delight customers and gain insights.

Get dynamic with Caligoo digital passes

Traditional static paper and digital tickets, loyalty cards, and coupons just don’t meet the needs of customers in a mobile world. Caligoo digital passes elevate your mobile strategy. Caligoo digital passes are dynamically updated, and unlike traditional digital passes, with Caligoo you can message the customer in real-time, change the message based on conditions and/or location triggers, prompting engagement with the pass at exactly the most relevant moment.

Expand your mobile footprint

Everyone loves the mobile wallet. Caligoo customers especially love having personalized, always up to date digital passes such as coupons, tickets, loyalty cards (and more) on their phones. Caligoo digital passes will even remind customers to use them when they are in your store. And brands love Caligoo digital passes because we provide a whole new channel for engaging customers on mobile — no app required.

Create deeper connections with customers on mobile

Post a link or QR code on social media to download the digital pass, or send a link via email, SMS, print, digital signs or any other engagement channel. Alert customers the day before a coupon expires, remind loyalty card holders of a promotion when they are in your store, inform loyalty members of new promotions, and a ticket holder before an event starts.

Delight customers at every engagement

No more forgotten loyalty cards, or frantically searching for a promotional pass or event ticket. Digital passes are always with customers and easily accessible while earning you your customers’ appreciation, and creating a delightful customer experience that builds trust and loyalty.


End-to-End Mobile Wallet Platform

  • No coding required: Designing a digital pass with just a few mouse clicks, see the pass evolve on your screen “what you see is what you get.”
    Customize the pass with your images, content and colors. Add a barcode, QR Code, or Aztec. Define geo-fences and beacons as triggers to activate the pass.

  • Digital Marketing: Share your digital pass on social media, email, text, everywhere.

  • Intelligent : Messages can dynamically update based on customer behavior and triggers.

Key Features

  • Segmentation and Tagging

  • Trigger notifications from locations

  • Real-time content updates

  • Custom data fields

  • Self service

  • Dynamic messaging

  • Distribution from any channel

  • Real-time analytics

  • Gamification

  • Flexible pricing

Create your perfect digital pass

Loyalty Cards

Elevate your loyalty program with the digital pass. Use the mobile wallet to get customers signed up for your loyalty program in seconds with no forms to complete. Once they have their mobile wallet loyalty card, send them real-time updates on sales, promotions, activities special offers and status notifications — right from their wallet card.


Give customers an infinitely-updateable, personalized mobile wallet coupon. Update offers based on your user’s unique profile — and send notifications right from the wallet pass to boost redemption rates and keep them engaged at exactly the right moment: at point of sale or when they trigger a geofence around your store.


Make event entry fast and seamless with mobile wallet tickets. Update event information, offer seat upgrades — even create a countdown timer on the pass to build anticipation.

Redeem Application

Our end-to-end solution includes a free mobile app to let your staff redeem your customers’ Mobile Wallets.