Industrial IoT

The new paradigm of access networks to drive the Internet of Things revolution.

The IoT revolution has highlighted that the huge amount of data generated by the great number of connected objects, cannot rely exclusively on a cloud-based architecture. Caligoo delivers Edge Computing solutions for access networks which are dedicated to carrier-grade IoT applications. Caligoo has built a new platform for the management of access networks, for all environments where latency and reliability are key for the functioning of a production system. Objects are automatically discovered by the system and are provided with the required connectivity resources. All objects are made accessible seamlessly, depending on the user profile of who is accessing a specific environment.


The platform is an enabler for IoT to become a real opportunity to develop your business by using the access network to manage the complexity of a highly heterogeneous environments. Caligoo software platform automatically discovers connected objects in the access network, and provides the required connectivity resources. Objects are made accessible according to each user’s profile. It makes the development of applications and services much easier because, by leveraging the interaction with the network infrastructure, no prior knowledge of objects actually deployed is required.


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