Unified Cognitive Network Platform

Introducing the first Unified Cognitive Network Platform, enabling digitized environments to collect data, understand the context, learn about the physical and digital behavior of people, and interact with things and applications, in real-time.

The Caligoo Platform is built to revolutionize the physical and digital experience of people, things and environments. It is an enabling, innovative, cutting-edge, and open software platform that senses, learns, reasons, acts, adapts, and reacts in real-time to target customers and reach applications goals.

The Cognitive Engine is the core of the Unified Cognitive Network Platform. The platform is sentient and autonomous in collecting/analyzing heterogenous data (e.g., sensors, smart objects, network data, indoor&outdoor locations, mobile devices), interact with applications, things and the surrounding environment, using the context to apply rules and policies, and to modify itself to support services and application.

Caligoo builds personalized profiles, dataset and knowledge based on multiple, independent data sources to deliver the best personalized, performing and efficient experience for users and environments and to provide the best tools for knowing and understanding each application scenario.